Preliminary Agenda

image The session schedule for the 6th Microgrid Global Innovation Forum 2018 in Washington, D.C. is currently in development. Industry professionals who are interested in delivering a 25-minute presentation on one of the subjects below -- or a related topic -- are encouraged to submit a speaking proposal to by Friday, December 15, 2017.

Proposals to organize and chair a 75-minute panel session with multiple speakers are also welcome. For guidelines on submitting a proposal, please review the Call for Speakers.

Business Issues, Opportunities and Challenges
  • Business models for multi-stakeholder, multi-partner microgrids
  • Grid-tied, utility distribution microgrids and integration with the larger grid
  • Solar PV, CHP, and energy storage strategies for optimal configuration
  • Microgrids as a strategy for grid resilience and outage management
  • Minimizing energy costs and integrating renewables on-site
  • Next-generation Virtual Power Plants (VPPs), nanogrids and microgrids
  • Regulatory and public policy trends and developments
  • Optimizing hybrid, renewable energy systems for public-use, municipal, commercial, and military deployments
  • Microgrids and the emerging Transactive Energy paradigm
  • Evolving the traditional utility business model
Technology Advances, Applications, and Case Studies
  • System architectures and alternatives
  • Microgrid design, analysis, and feasiblity planning tools
  • Microgrid power control systems
  • Increasing the utilization of renewables and sustainable energy sources
  • System modeling and analytical tools
  • Energy storage advances: flow batteries, fuel cells, advanced batteries, etc.
  • Emerging technologies and latest applications
  • Standards and interoperability issues
  • System monitoring, management, operations and control